Bas, et al --

...and then Bas Jobsen said...
% print "<a href=\"/myscript.php?keylist=".str_replace(" 
% ","+",implode("+",$keylist))."\">link</a>" ;

I tried this and my link the looks like

  Click <a  href="testme.php?a+b b b+c">here</a> to go round again<br>

(that is, not only have I not taken care of the spaces but I now also
lose the fact that these are part of $keylist).

The entire little script is attached.  You can see various means of
printing the array.

I *have* found that I can construct a link like

  testme.php?keylist[]=a&keylist[]=b& ...

so that takes care of walking the array but now I need to protect myself
from the spaces.  I've looked at htmlentities() but it doesn't seem to
convert spaces...

Thanks again & HAND

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      Test page




  if ( ! $keylist )
    print "No \$keylist; starting from scratch<br>\n" ;
#    $keylist = array('a','b','c') ;            # works (of course)
#    $keylist = array('a','b%20b%20b','c') ;    # works; is 'b b b' on 2nd pass
    $keylist = array('a','b b b','c') ;         # doesn't work; spaces are bad
    print "\$keylist is $keylist<br>\n" ;
    foreach ($keylist as $k)
      { print "\$k is .$k.<br>\n" ; }
#    print "Click <a href=\"/testme.php?keylist=$keylist\">here</a> to go round 
again<br>\n" ;
    print "Click <a href=\"testme.php?" ;
#    foreach ( $keylist as $k ) { print "keylist[]=$k&" ; }
    print str_replace("","+",implode("+",$keylist)) ;
    print "\">here</a> to go round again<br>\n" ;
    print "I have a \$keylist.  It is .$keylist.<br>\n" ;
    foreach ( $keylist as $k ) { print "\$k is .$k.<br>\n" ; }

  print "<br>\n<br>\n" ;




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