It's going to be difficult to detech 'where' the user is coming from but you
can find out what their default language is. I think it's one of the sever
If you are using Apache though, there is an autoselection feature which
allows you to have several copies of your pages in different languages e.g.
you can have index.php.en,, etc and Apache
automatically chooses the right one based on the user's language settings.
In httpd.conf you can specify the priority order for each language which is
used if a user can read more than one language and if there isn't an
appropriate language available, Apache can ask the user to choose which one
they require.
You can change your default language in IE by going to tools > internet
options  and click on languages. For a good example go to
Then change to another language and go to again and hopefully
the google page will be in another language. Unfortunately I don't know the
language codes for Klingon or Elmer Fudd

"Christian Ista" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hello,
> I'd like to know if it's possible to redirect a visitor of my website to
> page index.php if he comes from Belgium, France, Luxembourg, Switzerland
> all the others redirect to index_uk.php
> Possible ?
> Thanks,
> Christian,

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