$Query = "SELECT * FROM basket_db WHERE session_id = '$PHPSESSID'";
$Result = mysql_query($Query, $connect);
if ($Result) {
    while ($arrResult = mysql_fetch_array($Result, MYSQL_ASSOC)) {
          echo '<tr bgcolor="#fffdd7" class="text01">';    
          echo '<td>'.$arrResult['image_id'].'</td>';
          echo '<td>'.$arrResult['name'].'</td>';
          echo '<td><a class="text01" 
          echo '<td> Hier Preis'.$arrResult[''].'</td>';
          echo '<td> hier gesamt'.$arrResult[''].'</td>';
          echo '</tr>';
} else {
      echo '<tr bgcolor="#fffdd7" class="text01">';
      echo '<td colspan="5">There are no Artikles in Cart.</td>';
      echo '</tr>';

This script is not doing what I want it too!

Ich want to see : There are no Artikles in Cart

when there are no Artikels in Cart

But it good damn doesn't work!

Please tell me why

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