On Sat, 10 Aug 2002, lallous wrote:
> > I'm making a on-line dictionary. I use PHP and a MySQL Database.
> > Now I want to add audio-streaming (MP3) and pictures (JPG) to the database
> > and retrieve it true PHP. Can sombody help me out with a little

If the files are not "secret" or "for members only", you should better
store them somewhere under your http document tree, and store *only* their
filenames in the database, then you could provide a link to the file. I
think this would be the faster. Or if you want to "protect" the files, you
could place them outside your document tree, and then use fileread or
something similar to read them. But I'd suggest you to keep only the
filenames on the database, and store the files in the filesystem, it'd
better for the performance and integrity of the files.

Good luck.

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