The following bit of code completely baffles me as to why it doesn't work.
I am doing a very simple validation where I check to see if the "end date"
field of an inputted record is an older date than the "start date".

I checked this by putting in the same date for both end and start dates. Yet
mkdate gives me a different value for each even though since they are both
the same date, I should get the same value returned.  Right?

//notice the start and end date is the same.  Therefore, you should get the
same value for each, right?
 $parsed_start_date=split("/", "08/02/2002");
 $parsed_end_date=split("/", "08/02/2002");
 $start_dts = mktime("", "", "", $parsed_start_date[0],
$parsed_start_date[1], $parsed_start_date[2]);
 $end_dts = mktime("", "", "", $parsed_end_date[0], $parsed_end_date[1],
 if ($start_dts > $end_dts) {
   echo "This function thinks the end date is older than the start date.";
 else {
   echo "Whoah, it actually worked.";

What am I not seeing?
Thanks in advance,
J. Chyun

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