That would depend on what you want.

What sort of counter?
Hidden? Text file or database based?  Images or text on screen?  Per page?
Per site?

What sort of search engine?
Are you searching and indexing text files or text in a databases?  Are there
categories and search methods, or just something simple?

Really, if you ask an open question, you get an open answer.

There are hundreds of sources for free PHP scripts... there's no way we can
recommend something until we know what you want.  Perhaps you should search
them to try and find something that suits your needs, or to build up a


on 12/08/02 9:43 AM, Edgard Berendsen ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> Hello,
> where can I find the best source for a search engine and
> a counter in PHP ?
> thanks.

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