First of all, i am trying to solve this problem for more then a week now, i 
looked through php.net for hours and have posted on numerous boards but 
nobody could come up and tell me what is going wrong.

Basically, i have two multidimensional arrays, and i want to compare those 
two using array_diff().

The problem is, that the output given is ecxactly the opposite of what i want.

To make it easier for those willing to help, i placed the sample code in a 
textfile so you can view it there.


PLEASE, if you have some spare time have a look and tell me why this is not 
working as it should, as by now i am really frustrated, ive lost a whole week
by now and everybody else has to wait just because of me.

Thanks a lot in advance for your time reading this!

With best regards from Vienna,

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