oh well,

it is done via javascript:

existingSelectBox[existingSelectBox.length] = new Option("display text",
"item value", false);

replace the "display text" , "item value" from the popup's selected field

good luck,

"Wakan" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Hi,
> I've listbox with some categories in a page.
> When I find that there isn't the category I want, clicking on a link,
> I enter in the category managment page.
> After adding new categories, whenI close that window,
> I'd like to dinamically reload the select on the opener page, without
> reload all the page.
> This because there are other field before the category list.
> If the user has already filled other field and I reload, he have to refill
> that field again.
> Thanks, Carlo

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