> In Short: What I need is a php script that reads an email file and split
> data to a mysql file.
> A bit longer if you are still interested....
> For the following project:
> http://www.crossing-africa.com, a journey I am going to make on a bike.
> What are the plans:
> I am taking a satilite phone and SMS my possition with GPS coordinates
> N50.34.234 E006.45.34 on 23-feb-2003
> I already have a script that translates that sms to an e-mail that looks
> same.
> Then what:
> This e-mail needs to be split up like this:
> N50.34.234
> E006.45.34
> 23-feb-2003
> and then be insterted into a mysql database.
> The result then is that my exact location is know everyday and will be
> plotted on the web.
> The website runs on a cobalt server
> As my php knowledge is very limited and I searched the web for a script to
> do so I havent found it, could any of you help, as it must be out there!
> Thanks for any helpfull contribution.

Hi Frank,

if you got the above in a string, your best shoot is to use explode, for
example like below:

$string = "N50.34.234 E006.45.34 on 23-feb-2003";

$data = explode(" ",$string);

mysql_query("INSERT INTO table (n,e,this_date)

Read more on php.net/explode, there's also plenty of other string functions
there that may help.



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