Create a form only with hidden-fields (your values) and no visible fields or
buttons. The "action=" is set to the next file, the method ist set to POST
(of course). Don't use php-header to redirect but javasript. If you want to
redirect immediately you can write "onLoad=document.forms[0].submit()" in
the body tag. Else start a timer at onLoad and call submit() in the

Good luck


"Rick Horrix" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
> I want to POST variables from one php page to another without any user
> interaction.
> I can achieve this using header( "Location ...?var1=xx&var2=yy" ) passing
> the vars like a GET, but I don't want the vars to be visible to the user
> the browser address field. Is it possible to do this.
> smartbloke

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