On 12 Aug 2002 at 20:48, Christian Ista wrote:

> Hello,
> I'd like to implement on my web site an "whois" to know the information
> about a domain name (.com, org, ....)
> Could you tell me how to do that ?



> The Whois class uses one simple method for looking up almost all domain
> names accross the globe

There you go. Register with phpclasses.org, costs nothing for now. Take a look at how 
the guy did his. If it works, be happy. If you 
reckon it could be better you might want to enter into a dialogue with the author. Try 
to avoid spinning your own wheels when others 
have already done so.

And here is another one:


> The PEAR::Net_Whois class provides a tool for querying Whois Servers


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