Hi All,

When connecting to my site from certain clients, the .html returned contains a large 
block of non-standard characters.

Running it locally and from various other places, the site looks normal. But when I 
connect from work, the .html file returned is corrupted. At work we have a web proxy, 
and I also noticed from my Apache logs that HTTP/1.0 is used for the request. Has 
anyone experienced problems due to those two reasons ?

This seems weird to me because PHP is generated on my server, so I assumed all clients 
would see exactly the same. But this isn't the case here. Either the html generated is 
different for these clients, or the returned page is getting corrupted somewhere along 
the way.

Does anyone know why this might happen ?

I'm using WinXP Apache 2.0.39 with PHP 4.2.1. There are no errors in the Apache logs. 
Also the corruption doesn't happen on all pages.

Thanks for any tips,

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