Um yes, well the issue is not learning it is time.  I am on an assignment 
here for only 4 more months and I have another project to do.  There is no 
point in starting from scratch.

I will check the web sites you suggested.


Justin French wrote:

> on 12/08/02 5:59 PM, Paul Dionne ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:
>> Good morning everyone!
>> Our organization is in need of a Scheduling program for meeting rooms. 
>> The program doesn't need to be very complicated...five or six rooms,
>> outputs a
>> list of rooms available for the time the user enters.  We would put it on
>> our intranet.
> see below
>> We could also use a basic staff directory program: Outputs Name,
>> Extension,
>> email, position... maybe even a picture.  We would put it on our web
>> site.
> This is just a modification of a contact database.  Nearly every PHP &
> MySQL beginners tutorial starts with a simple contact database which you
> can modify to suit.
> I'd really advise actually learning a bit of this stuff, rather than
> grabbing something pre-built.  End of the day, nothing will have *exactly*
> the features you need (now, or the future), and learning a little about
> the two languages will help you build the meeting room program, which no
> harder to build than the contact database.
> I think,, and a few others
> are bound to have something you should use as a starting point.
>> Lastly, we could use something to keep track of our workflow program
>> otherwise referred to as a strategic plan.
> Workflow IS a more complex application.
> Have a look around at places like for simular
> applications. Again, having a little bit of knowledge from your work with
> contact database and meeting room schedules will help you to modify these
> apps to suit.

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