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> Ok so in my HTML I have:
> <img src="img/tab_1l.gif" width="9" height="24">
> <img src="img/home_on.gif" width="80" height="24">
> <img src="img/tab_10.gif" width="15" height="24">


> anyone know of a way to tell  html to ignore these spaces?

Well, the obvious one is HTML comments, since that's the way to tell HTML to
ignore anything:

   <img src="img/tab_1l.gif" width="9" height="24"><!--
   --><img src="img/home_on.gif" width="80" height="24"><!--
   --><img src="img/tab_10.gif" width="15" height="24">

Another technique I use quite a bit is newlines *inside* the HTML tags,

    src="img/tab_1l.gif" width="9" height="24"><img
    src="img/home_on.gif" width="80" height="24"><img
    src="img/tab_10.gif" width="15" height="24">



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