In some language (like Java, C#, ...) you can find a hashtable.

I execute query, this query return some records, each records are composed
by 2 fields. I'd like to put these records in a 2 dimensions array (or
something like that) and find easily the records I want.

An example, the query return (field1/field2):

mytext1    / "text for my text 1"
mytext2    / "text for my text 2"
mytext3    / "text for my text 3"
mytext4    / "text for my text 4"

I'd like to put that in an array, but not find the text by myarray[2],
myarray[4] but by myarray['mytext2'], ['mytext2'] have to return "text for
my text 2"

Possible to do that ?


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