Do you know another possibility to store multiple files in one package? -
And most users in the web can use it, without getting special programms. I
know tar can, but there either I don't know how fast it is. Maybe there is
an freeware programm for all plattforms wich can untar, but a i don't know?

But if you know?


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On Tuesday 13 August 2002 09:46, Sascha Braun wrote:

> The funktionality is:
> Customer puts an 300 DPI High quality JPEG image into his shopping cart,
> after he checks out the Image or the images are getting compressed via
> Library.

Have you tried doing a few test runs to see

1) By how much the files are compressed -- jpegs are already compressed and
usually compressing again will only shave a few percent off the size. In
cases the file size can actually increase when "compressed".

2) The average time taken to compress a file.

> So what about performance?

That is determined by your server -- CPU speed, amount of memory, speed of

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