After reading other posts, I have found that there are two ways to disable
use_trans_sid at runtime.  I do NOT have the ability to change the php.ini
file, so I am stuck with handling this at runtime.

1.  in code:

2.  in an .htaccess file:
<IfModule mod_php4.c>
    php_value session.use_trans_sid 0

I have found that using the htaccess method work very well, however it
affects an entire directory.  If I want to only disable use_trans_sid on
certain pages, I need to use the code method.  However, I have yet to be
able to get it to work.  Here's a sample of the code I'm using:

$something = ini_set("session.use_trans_sid","0");


and so on.  That code snippet is the first thing in my file, before any
other HTML or PHP code, yet I still get PHPSESSIONID in my URLs when cookies
are turn off.  Any ideas?




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