My two cents,

I think if you are working on a personal product you use what works for 
you.  If working in a group find out or decide as a group what standards to 
use.  The hungarian standards are well designed, but I've seen others that 
work as well.

When posting data from a from to another script I've see F used... as in 
$f_username $f_userpass.
As well as many others.

The best advise I could give with my (VERY) limited experience, chose a 
constant method for yourself and stick to it.  That way it will become 
second nature to you.


At 09:52 AM 8/13/2002 -0400, Gerard Samuel wrote:
>A philosophical question....
>Are there any standards to naming variables??
>I was told that one should include a letter or combination of letters to 
>describe a variable
>$sfoo = 'string';  // string
>$bfoo = true;  // bool
>$nfoo = 10;  // interger
>Gerard Samuel

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