I've been mostly satisfied with HostRocket.com $15/mo 350Megs, 20Gigs/mo.
They have a great control panel.. better than others I've used.  The servers
are fast and service has been adequate.  On the downside they charge $2
extra/mo to host an additional domain on the same account which is..
needless to say.. really lame.  It's just one of the ways the big hosts soak
you for all you're worth.  On the upside they have a really good habit of
keeping PHP up-to-date and have no qualms about you installing any special
services you need through SSH command line.  Something to look into anyway.
Good luck with your search.

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Subject: [PHP] Need a Web Host for php/mySQl

> Glory,
> I'm looking for a new Web Hosting company, to host my
> sites. I had been with Aletia, but i'm experiencing
> some technical flaws with them, so i need a new one.
> Aletia is very economical, with $7.95 a month for 200
> MB, 10 GB Bandwidth, sub-domains, dbs, and a hell a
> lot of goodies. so i would prefer someone like them or
> better then them. I'd really appreciate if someone can
> find me a better Host.
> Thanks,
> T. Edison Jr.
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