I haven't use up2date but perhaps this will work anyway. Open a terminal 
and execute this:

  rpm -ql php-manual

The 'l' will tell you where the package was installed. While,

  rpm -e php-manual

will uninstall the package...


- E

>I upgraded php from 4.0.4p11 to 4.0.6 with up2date (a RedHat Update
>Agent). The new php includes a huge manual but I cannot find where is
>it after installed, and I don't know how can access it. And more, my free
>disk space is only 120M. So I am thinking to uninstall this manual. Any
>one know how can do uninstallation? Thanks in advance!
>P.S. thank @ Edwin for your suggestion for upgrading.

You're welcome!

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