Usually in the RedHat cd´s you can find php-mysql-*.*.rpm, after
installing this package you´re ready to go !!

=> Daniel.

On Wednesday 14 August 2002 19:21, Tim Haynes wrote:
> I have just installed Redhat Linux 7.2, the installation was fine at 
> it installed apache with php 4.0.6 as default, that runs without 
> problems. Unfortunately I noticed that PHP was not compiled with mysql

> support and there was no distribution of mysql with linux so please 
> can anyone help by explaining what I need to do to resolve these 
> problems.

RH7.2 does come with everything to get Apache/MySQL/PHP working
together. To 
get MySQL support in PHP, install the php-mysql-XXXXX.rpm.

For further help ask on the RH7.2 (Enigma) mailing list.

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