while I'm building a very nive page for buying images over the web, but there are some 
parts of the site where the development not is evaluated to the end. (Hope you all 
understand this sentence.)

One part will be the payment module. I read the parts about the creditcard security in 
this mailinglist very carefully and got some new questions about that theme.

Are there some ways of using a micropayment system together with PHP? - Maybe 
something where Customers can see the Amount of Money they have to pay, and then they 
do a phonecall to e specific number and then the page redirects teh customer to a 
downloads page where the user can receive his picturepackage.

Or how does the cybercash module in PHP work? I saw it in the php.ini, but could not 
find it in the extensions dir.

What else can I do for my customers to have an secure payment possibility?

It would be very usefull for me and maybe for others to discuss these points in the 

So I hope, somebody will share his or hers knowledge.


Sascha Braun


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