> // Note that !== did not exist until 4.0.0-RC2

I took a quick look at the docs to find out what !== meant
(because I'd never seen it before).  I'm not sure I understand
what it's use is.  Could someone explain why you would use
it and for what purpose?

$a !== $b Not identical TRUE if $a is not equal to $b, or they are not the
same data type

$a = 2
$b = "2"
If $a and $b are not the same data type they ARE NOT IDENTICAL
$a is an integer, $b is a string


$a = 2
$b = 3

They are the same data type (integer), but they ARE NOT EQUAL

I would use strcomp() to compare strings against other strings though, since
data types like this may cause problems since PHP variables are loosely



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