Run a script with phpinfo() in it, and it should tell u the path to the
php.ini file for your installation.  It will be different for everyone.

For what it's worth, you should look to having register globals OFF in your
scripts as a short term goal, using the $_POST, $_GET, $_COOKIE, $_SESSION
etc etc global arrays.

It will ensure safer, more reliable scripts.

Justin French

on 15/08/02 11:58 AM, Randall Perry ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> Just compiled Apache 1.3.26 with latest php and discovered my form variables
> weren't getting thru to php scripts.
> Looked through archives and found ref to register_globals setting in
> php.ini. Only trouble is, I can't find php.ini on my server (except in the
> php source code folder).
> Where should it be?

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