Dan Harrington wrote:

>I'm having the same problem from time to time as well.
>Just straight up out of the blue it gives you a new SESSION id.

As a general rule, the reason that you will find yourself with a new 
session ID is that the old session ID was not properly communicated back 
to the Web server. It would probably be worth your time to log the value 
of the session ID on each page request prior to you actually starting 
the session or registering any session variables and then log the value 
of it immediately afterward.

Since, as you say, this is difficult to reproduce, try to give yourself 
as much information for the next time that you can reproduce it. The 
next time it happens, you should have a log that you can look to to see 
detailed information about the last HTTP transaction - log everything 
you can. If you have a way to log the HTTP transactions themselves, this 
would be the best. Even if you still can't solve your problem, you can 
paste your HTTP transaction into a message to this list, and people will 
be able to help you more.

Hope that gives you some ideas. Happy hacking.


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