I'd have to say that I haven't done any controlled tests, but mysql can be
very slow when you are doing a lot of connections (correct me if I'm wrong,
but I think it executes requests in order?).

To be untechnical about it and only speak from experience (if I was a
typical internet user, I'd think that because it does it for me, it must do
it for everyone! :) ), I personally have never found sessions to be slow
getting a lot of data, where as I have found it slow with mysql...  probably
also depends greatly on your server load.  I'd imagine that you would see a
massive difference on a server that is under load.


>Which is generally faster/better, doing a SELECT or doing session_start()?

>Rephrased, are sessions significantly faster/lighter than using MySQL?

>I'd imagine they are, since they won't need to do a connection or anything,
>but I am not familiar with how sessions scale.

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