A new CHM sample is out now at http://weblabor.hu/php-doc-chm and
it will be announced later this day at php.net. It has many cool
new features, including:

    support for custom skins [two sample custom ones included,
     and some documentation on how to create your own CSS or
     graphical skin]

    more interactive functions [copy an example to clipboard
     with one click, more context friendly context menus]

    more online functions [search for selection on google/
     alltheweb feature, search engine boxes in context menu]

    exclusive edition documentation [tips on using full text
     search or intergating this manual into IDEs, handy
     keyboard shortcuts]

Because of all these, the download size is a bit larger, but it worth
it. Everybody is welcome to test and post error reports / opinions

Now it's time to start planning your own skins ;))


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