This is a javascript thing.  Try comp.lang.javascript... the only thing u
really need to know is that you have to send ALL the data to the page with
javascript, then effectively, it's a static HTML page.

Justin French

on 16/08/02 12:19 AM, Dan Tappin ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> I am looking for an example of conditional menus using PHP / mySQL to
> populate the options and values of the menus and java to change these
> properties with out needing to submit the form to update it.
> Here is the best, closest example I could find using a static page:
> I am looking to create a set of popup menus via PHP and mySQL such as:
> <FORM NAME="menu">
> <SELECT NAME="menu1" onChange="somejavascript()">
> <OPTION VALUE="2">Vegetable
> <OPTION VALUE="3">Mineral
> <SELECT NAME="menu2">
> <OPTION VALUE="1.2">Dog
> <OPTION VALUE="1.3">Horse
> </FORM>
> The idea being that when I change menu1 the choices on menu2 change
> accordingly. Menu1 is easy.  The java script to make menu2 is where I am
> lost.  The link above is great but it does not address setting the values of
> menu2.  Also the java uses the text of menu1 not the values (1,2,3 etc).
> These values are the id values from my mySQL DB and make the queries easier.
> Any ideas / examples out there?

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