Hello Gabor,

I hope you don't mind that I am replying also to the list because I 
would like to tell about something that may be of the interest of other 

On 08/15/2002 09:42 AM, Gabor Hojtsy wrote:
> For one of my projects, I am searching for a list of PHP news
> sites. I would really love to receive links to these kind
> of sites, as I only know a few ones. A PHP news site in my mind
> provides news about PHP, projects using PHP, and may also host
> articles. I am not interested in forums, mailing lists and other
> interactive content, just news and maybe articles.

I am not sure if this matches what you are looking for, but like many 
other sites of specific contents, the PHP Classes site provides a list 
of the latest classes of objects that were published in the site and 
also the latest reviews of books interest for PHP developers.

The respective pages can be found here with links for the XML-RSS 
versions of the listings in a format that is suitable for syndication as 
you probably need:



This is something like you will also find in other sites.

What you may not find in other sites is an initiative meant to provide 
public recognition to all users that contribute to let others know about 
the site content. The initiative is called "Friends of the PHP Classes".

It works in such way that any new subscribers that are brought to the 
site by users that participate in this initiative are credited in such 
way that they may appear in a special ranking of the "Top friends of PHP 
Classes" that you may see here that has already several users participating:


Any user can participate, whether you are a contributing author or not. 
If you or anybody is interested, you may find the details here:


Feel free to ask if you have any doubts.


Manuel Lemos

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