Yes, Javascript is the most common way of doing this.  The alternative is to
submit the variable back to the main PHP document (whatever created the
Frames in the first place) and regenerate the entire screen (frameset and
all).  The script can then pass the variables on in the <FRAME> tags.  It
ain't pretty, but no Javascript is required.

As you may be starting to guess, this is why many people have quit using
Frames.  At first, they seem like a great idea.  But the more you use them,
the more difficult you find them to be.  In the end, many people would
rather give up the advantages of Frames in return for the increased
simplicity of generating the pages.

Seairth Jacobs

<[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> Has anyone here designed php sites that use a combination of php pages
> and html pages?
> What I want to know is how to pass a variable from nav_frame.php (at the
> top) to itself, AND to the data.php frame (lower frame, main body)
> I can pass variables to itself, (with the "?page_name=content.htm"
> thingie attached to links, but I don't know how to make this accessible
> to both frames at the same time.
> Help appreciated, yes, I'm asking a lot of questions since this is a
> project for college and my due data is in 2 ... ooops 1 DAY! WhooHOO!
> - Vic
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