I want to send mail under win98,
and I know that this is the proper solution...

Hope this work:
--> edit your php.ini and type your SMTP server

[mail function]
; For Win32 only.
SMTP = yoursmtpserver.com


Jhon R. Putra

But my problem is how to get an indefinate number of semi-computer
illeterate persons to edit that file... Not going to happen.

So I need to do something in my code. Even if I rewrite the php.ini file
from my install script.

I am using a copy of Jana Server (http://www.janaserver.de/) for this

Also of note I searched on the Jana Forum and it appears that Jana is not a
full smtp server, but requires a secondary server to send to.

So all I need now is a program that will install on 98 that is a stand alone
smtp server.
But if it will not execute .php scripts that is all right as long as I can
get Jana to send to this secondary program that can do the actual sending of
the mail.

I need to do this because the mail is going out in bulk. (much to my utter
dismay, but it's not my company. 'My job is not to ask why. But to do and

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