I get this error:

Notice: Undefined offset: 1 in
/home/victor/argilent-www/sites/malibu_place_2/index.php on line 104

Warning: Bad arguments to implode() in
/home/victor/argilent-www/sites/malibu_place_2/index.php on line 106
Error 5

For this code:


$file_name = $page_name.$ext
or die ('Error 2');

$file = file($path.$file_name)
or die ('Error 3');

$str = implode(' ', $file)
or die ('Error 4');

// Original first tag
//<div class=Section1>
// Original last tag

preg_match('!<div class=Section1[^>]+>(.*)</div>!Uis',$str,$regs);

$good = implode(' ', $everything_between_divs)
or die ('Error 5');

$clean = ereg_replace("<o:p></o:p>", "  ", $regs[1]);

echo $clean;


there might be something wrong with the reg exptession. Or the

Please help, thanks

- Vic

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