Why don't you just run sendmail 24/7 with -bd -q15  I'll check the queue
continously and send out the emails as it receives them instantaneously.


On Thu, 15 Aug 2002, Daren Cotter wrote:

> To recap, my problem is:
> I need some mailings sent immediately (confirmation
> emails, welcome emails, password lookup emails, etc),
> while others simply get thrown into the queue, and get
> sent the next time the queue processes.
> I contacted a sendmail guru, and he told me that if
> Sendmail is run with the -odb arguments, the mail will
> process immediately, while if it's run with the -odd
> arguments, it will only be queued.
> So the question is, using PHP, how do I invoke
> sendmail with the different arguments separately?
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