Is it possible to write a script that:
1) gathers information
2) upon clicking a "submit" button, "posts" this information to a remote server for 
3) the remote server, by default, will generate results and display on it's own web 
page generated dynamically.
4) can we "intercept" this response back to the browser, parse through the information 
and generate our own presentation of the page on our site?

Example: (I don't know what kind of scripting this 
is, but it is dynamic)
Site A has this interface that takes in the username, old password, and new password.
If we change the password at Site A, we would be brought back that same page with a 
result displayed.

What I need is:
Present my own look and feel.
Collect the same information (username, old password, new password), and send to:

The challenge is that we don't want the url of Site A appearing at any one moment.
So we need to get responses from the remote server, parse through for results, and 
display this information:

Is this possible at all with just PHP scripting?
I am just guessing.... can the header() function be used to send information like a 
form-POST? and receive responses that is parsable prior to printing to the browser?

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