Here is a brief description of my problem:

There is a file called index.php in some directory. The guy who wrote this
file didn't bother creating another file where the functions are defined.
More precisely, there is a big switch statement in the file. Depending on
the outcome of the switch statement, one of the functions is called.

For some reason, I cannot call the function itself. I have to access it via
the switch statement. However as it as index.php, it also prints some HTML
stuff, which I do not want to be displayed...

Can I use an iframe do call this index.php and passing a parameter to be
used in the switch statement?
Anything I have to be careful with?
Any way of knowing when the iframe has finished doing its job from the
calling page? (maybe use "parent.form.submit()")

Any help will be appreciated

Serdar Sokmen

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