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> We have a client that has a form that submits to a payment processor to
handle the cc processing.
> The visitor gets what he wants and then comes to a verification page on
our clients site.  He
> wants to buy it so he clicks the submit button and hes gone, to the
payment processors site.  We
> want to send a notification that someone has placed an order, not that
they got to the payment
> page.  So I have tried using onSubmit on the form and then placing the
function name in there, but
> that doesnt work, its a function written in PHP to send a mail alert.  Any
thoughts we dont want
> the alert going to the guy until the visitor actually hits the submit
button, and once it leaves
> the return notification from the processor is very limited, so I can't
send it on the return from
> teh processor.
> Help please :)

try this...


global $submit;

    Do whatever...

<input type=submit name="sent" value="submit">

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