On Wed, Aug 14, 2002 at 08:23:18AM +0000, Remon Redika wrote:
>       <input type="text" name="namasa" size="40">
>       <input type="text" name="namadu" size="40">
>       <input type="text" name="namati" size="40">
> $Namak = $namasa;
> $Namak = $Namak.$namadu;
> $Namak = $Namak.$namati; 

Is that REALLY what you want to do?  There are no spaces between the
names.  Try:

   $Namak = "$namsa $namadu $namati";

But, that's probably not the problem.  I suspect none of the three 
variables are being set because you have register_globals turned off.

Use the $_POST or $_GET variables.

Read the manual on these topics for more information.


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