I had a rather weird thought, but it is Friday after all :^]

How about setting a small IFRAME in the upload diaog box? Then you could do
a couple of things;

a.) Place a small animated GIF in the IFRAME that moves left to right or
from side to side until the upload completes.

2.) Use the GD library and do something similar in the IFRAME.

Now, there are some issues such as calcing the time it takes to upload or
measuring the amount of the file upload and updating the IFRAME image
accordingly, and maybe some other little details that I am not thinking
about, but it just a weird little thought. I'd love to see some solutions
based on this though, and maybe when I get a little time next week I'll give
it a go.



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Rasmus, how much would it cost to get you or someone like you to come to
this? :^]

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