Hi Nick!

First off, *please* read a netiquette guide before posting -- I hate 
seeing a conational of mine posting a message like yours ("###PLEASE 
HELP###" and "I am waiting for an answer" are extremely rude - you're 
not paying for support on this mailing list, so you can't demand 
anything). Other than that, I'd point out cleaning up your code before 
posting because we don't have to read through your "slickiness" -- but 
that may be a matter of personal opinion.

Your problem resides exactly in your code's slickiness - which 
incidentally doesn't make it any faster. Try this conventional code instead:

function delete_user($sterge_user, $path) {
   for($i=0;$i<sizeOf($fisierul);$i++) {
     if ($uname==$sterge_user) {
   if ($fisierul!=$orig) {

[...] contains the trivial task of imploding $fisierul (using "\r\n" or 
"\n", depending on the OS) and writing it. Make sure you check for and 
create a lock file at [1] and respectively unlink it at [2] -- or simply 
use a database instead, for that matter.

Anyway, just in case you *really* want to use your original code, the 
problem is that the code (probably) finds the line to delete but doesn't 
go any further than that - plus it's consuming unnecessary resources by 
rewriting the file line by line.


Radio X wrote:
> i have a text file with some of this elements:
> name:adress:telephone:email:password
> i want to delete this line using for identifier the 'name' only.
> // $sterge_user="name"; this is the value sent by form witch will be the identifier
> // $path="some_of_my_files"; the file used here allready set with 777 chmod
> function delete_user($sterge_user, $path){
> $i = 0;
>     $fisierul = file($path);
>     $fp = fopen($path, "w");
>     while (!sizeof($fisierul))
>      {
>         $data = fgetcsv ($fisierul, 4096, ":");
>              if ($data[0]==$sterge_user)
>     {
>    for ($i=0; $i<=sizeof($data);){$data[i]="";++$i;}
>     }
>      fwrite($fp, $data);
>   }
>     fclose($fp);
> }
> I am waiting for an answer, please
> Nick

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