The function move_uploaded_file() is what you want, not copy().

Of course, there are full working examples in the manual, found doing a
simple whole-site search on "file upload".

Justin French

on 17/08/02 2:53 AM, Steve Keller ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> ack to the tmp directory to look for the file. Here's a
> sample error:
> Warning: Unable to create '/test/data/test.txt': No such file or directory
> in /usr/local/www/vhosts/ on line 17
> That's with using:
> copy("{$UploadedFile}","/test/data/".$UploadedFile_name);
> $UploadedFile being the name I'm using. Both variables seem to be returning
> correctly. $UploadedFile returns the temp name, and $UploadedFile_name
> returns the actual name. The file is also far under the maximum file size.
> The /test/data has Nobody write permissions, I know because I'm writing to
> a file in it with another script, and there's no file in there with the
> same file name to cause overwriting ownership conflicts.

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