On Monday 19 August 2002 07:23, eriol wrote:

> I understand that PHP will retain the file in a temporary directory (/tmp/)
> until it is stored to the path I've specified (/uploaded/), but I don't
> understand how to get it to print the new file name within the email it
> sends to me.. Currently, it only prints the temporary file name as shown
> above..

That's because at the point that you're assigning $body that is what $file 
contains ...

> As you can see, to the last $body variable, I've added both $info & $file
> as a test, but $info returns null and $file returns the temp path/name
> only.. However, within the returned php/html page, the $file variable
> actually does echo the actual file name the user chose to upload..

..., move it to after you have redefined $file and $info.

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