Hi all,

I have set the max_execute_time in php.ini to 300 (5 mins).
And i found that if my script have a infinitely loop( caused by careless
the script still executing even 5 mins is passed and uses up all my cpu
Even i "stop" and close the browser, the script seen still running on the
(I found the apache.exe is used up 99% of cpu resourse in window task
What i can do is restart the apache server.

I use the following script to test the situation.
while (1<10){

So is there any way to stop execution of php script?
Since i have make a server for my friend to test his php script,
sometime if his script have such a bad looping, the apache would hanged.

I dont want to restart the server everytime since i;m not sitting in front
my pc anytime.

Thanks in advance
Nowhereman from HK

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