I am constructing a somewhat generic class to contain all queries needed to
make a self sustaining base to
conform for a larger purpose.

Basically I am quite new to the concept of writing classes, which doesn´t
have much to do with this inquiry though.
One of the issues I ran into was how to handle possible multiple selections
from an sql query without putting
in a lot of if statements or switches to accomodate this. Instead I´ve taken
the approach of using the "explode/implode" array handler to overcome this. 
Consider a very simple query: "SELECT foo,bar FROM table ORDER BY foo asc;".
Suppose the "foo" and "bar" was assigned to the array "fields" in the HTML
form (the fields would of course be checked against the table and that
sufficient privileges existed for the logged in user, before trying to
perform the query.), would the "$selected_fields = implode(",",$fields);"
followed by "$sql_query = "SELECT $selected_fields FROM table ORDER BY foo
asc;";" be a proper way of handling this issue or am I in over my head?

Henrik J.

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