That's REALLY strange that the payment site doesn't return anything...  So
the user just hits a dead-end or what?  Can we see a test site?

And the fact that it all needs to be secure makes it a little more

Essentially, what you need is for one form to POST to two separate
scripts... one local, and one on another server.  My thoughts are that you'd
need to POST to a local script which produces the email AND THEN submits
info to the merchant.

But the fact that this probably needs to be done:
a) with POST
b) with SSL

Will prolly make it very tricky.  Search the archives for "emulating POST"
or "faking POST", because I know it's been discussed before.

Yes, you probably CAN do it with javascript, but I'm not sure I'd be
comfortable relying on it AT ALL -- if it doesn't exist, then your site
breaks -- either the email or the merchant stuff will break if you rely on

Justin French

on 19/08/02 11:54 PM, Dan McCullough ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> Hello everyone,
> I have a quick question.
> I am trying to do two seperate things on one submission, it would be easy if I
> was submitting to
> my own page, but I am submitting to a payment processor company, and so
> several things will occur
> off-site, and there is nothing that comes back from the payment processor when
> then payment is
> made so I can't handle it on the return.  And so what I am doing now is when
> you land on the page
> to confirm that you want to place the order an email is created and sent to
> the owner, I would
> like that to only get sent when the submit button is clicked .. and yes I have
> tried onSubmit with
> it calling my php function.
> Any thoughts?
> thanks,
> dan
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