its supposed to write a MIDI file from some music notes, the start of the
MIDI file is grand but the end has some of the MIDI from the next database

"Jay Blanchard" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote in message
> [snip]
> i wrote a function do write a file for me on info taken from a db, and
> a script with a for loop going through every row in the db, and calling
> function. so the function is called about 200 times. but i'm getting weird
> results, the files are corrupted. its grand when i just go one at a time.
> i'm assuming variable values must have been left set from the las for
> so how do i clear ALL variables in the function??
> [/snip]
> What do you mean by "corrupted"? It should be simple;
> Open the file
>   while file open
>     read a record from the database into the file
>   when no more records
> close file
> Maybe you need to place a proper newline character at the end of each
> or something like that. Can we have some more information to go on?
> Thanks!
> Jay
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