I am trying to clean up some junky code in a journal/news type 
script and redoing the archive navigation.  I am pulling all of 
the dates of the entries and pushing it into a multi-
dimensional array like so:

array_push($archive_nav, array(month => $month, year => $year, 
longmonth => $longmonth));

I assumed I could just use array_unique to filter out all of 
the duplicates in the array.  But it doesn't seem to work that 
way, and the only month/year combo I end up with is the very 
oldest one (according to year/month) in the array.

$archive_nav = array_unique($archive_nav);

If I leave out array_unique, I am getting all of the 
appropriate month/year combos in my script while doing a 
foreach... just one for every single entry in the database for 
that combo (which is a lot in some cases!).

Is there a better way to do this?


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