I've searched the list and the manual and am still a bit confused.
Here's what I'd like to do. We have a bunch of internal sites that all
use the same username/password. One is already setup with a function to
authenticate this to a database. However, each login page is coming from
a different sub-domain, such as site1.mydomain.com. The login functions
resides in a PHP file on site2.mydomain.com. So it does this:

// This page on site1.mydomain.com

include ("http://site2.mydomain.com/functions.php";);

if (loginUser($username,$password)) {
        // do stuff here
        // redirect
else { ... }


Right now my local script doesn't find the function I'm trying to use.
What am I missing here? Is it not possible to include a php file (and
its functions and variables) across domains? 

- Greg

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