on 20/08/02 7:01 AM, Andy ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> Hi there,
> I am wondering if following scenario would be possible:
> - Create a unique referer id to make sure that the visitior has been refered
> by a particular person. (e.g. server.com?ref=20)


> - The visitor enters the site and browses around, but the ref=20 should not
> be stored inside the url, but in a coockie

yes, or alternatively in a session

> - If the visitor signs up and there is a referer id assign the person who
> refered it some points.


> The problem I see, is how to make sure that the refered id does not get lost
> and in case the person comes back another day still be able to asign the
> person who refered it the points.
> Has anybody a good suggestion on that?

make sure the cookie has a long expiry date... say a month, or whatever you
think is reasonable.


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