Can someone please tell me what settings to check for on 4.1.2 in order
to ensure that scripts that runs on 4.0.4 will run on 4.1.2?

I HAVE checked registered_globals = on, but I still get variables that
are not passed on via URL and form submits.

The app has a "login" form that submits to an action page, on the action
page I generate a link that goes to another form, I append the username
and password to the end of the URL of the link on the action page, and
then create hidden fields that echo the username and password in the
subsequent form to be passed along with the extra form field to the last

This whole process works 100% on 4.0.4, but breaks at the second page on
4.1.2 (ie, it DOESN't pass the username and password to the action page
from the form fields).

I need to resove this, as I have lots of applications that was written
in this way, and are currently working, but want to upgrade the server
to RedHat 7.3 that comes with 4.1.2 and don't want to end up with a
bunch of broken apps.

I know it's not the correct way to have coded, but it's done now, and
for now, I won't mind to have register_globals = On, although THAT
doesn't seem to be the solution...
Please advise.

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