When you say "it does not work", are you trying to POST the SID, or
continuing to pass it around in the URL *whilst* posting a form.

This SHOULD work:

<FORM action="blah.php?<?=SID?>" method="post">
    <INPUT type="text" value="blah" size="20" name="test">
    <INPUT type="submit" value="submit" name="submit">

blah.php should recognise the session.

Justin French

on 20/08/02 2:29 PM, simanhew ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) wrote:

> hi all,
> I have a question regarding POST and SID:
> I am trying to make a no-cookies browser work with session_id, according to
> some tutorial, using <?=SID?> in URL is one choice.  I tried that and it
> worked if it is only a hyperlink, but it DOES NOT work when I use POST.
> Any one has experience in this ?
> Thanks in advance,
> siman

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